The SICKEN and demonic possession


A world where demonic evil endures in many forms. The manifestation of demonic malevolence giving realism to the deepest and darkest thoughts in our minds. Possession and the age old conflict between good and evil thrives. The deepest fears inside your mind are reality in the SICKEN Universe.

Good vs Evil - Heaven vs Hell - Demon vs Archangel

The SICKEN universe is a spine tingling depiction of demon possession and horror. For fans of the thriller and horror genre, it delivers a genuine and intense experience. It stays honest to the realities of demonic terror and will challenge every viewer not to turn away. Psychological fear and the unnerving feeling of being watched by entities that are not of this world. 


The SICKEN is the first of multiple stories that gradually introduce us to the gripping elements in the Sicken universe. It introduces us to the characters; Ruby and Connor Spade, Father Joseph Romano, Jonah Cage, Dr. Grendel, Jenna, Maggie and more. It sets the stage for the ongoing war between archangels and demons and the moving pieces within that will ripple their consequences throughout the world. From The SICKEN come storylines that branch off into many directions in relation to each other and offer a fresh look into the SICKEN universe... with shocking outcomes. 

As the SICKEN universe unfolds, the powers of the underworld reveal themselves in Batesville Mississippi. A demonic evil lingers in the old church which was once lead by Jonah Cage. Demons corrupt those who are easily seduced with longer life and power, to unleash death and terror on the world around them.     

The SICKEN gives us an exciting glimpse into the challenges this world presents for its characters. A healthy dose of mystery and suspense leaves you to asking yourself what happens next and of course, horror, chills and thrills! 



A Sicken Bride





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